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Sunday, November 14, 2004

interview video

Interview en français à CULT France5 television:
French interview at CULT France5 television : (left side of the page) (coté gauche de la page) for the whole broadcast/ pour toute l'émission.

following translation into english by kelma:

Erwan (blogger): Why have U decided to cover the Clash and have standards of rock on your latest album?
It is an hommage to Joe Strummer. In rock there is no rebel anymore. And I like Strummer for that. That's it... But there is no standard on the album, just that song.
Samir (blogger): What's your method to work with other artists?
I have no method. I always work in London with S.Hillage. B.Eno called me for the Unity O.J compilation ( we had to do it with Demon of Blur, then it did not work). I said I wanted to make the song with .....(he has forgot her name but it is Skin!). I always wanted to work with Eno. He is alandmark. He produced many artists and he is moviemaker too. Plus we get along well.

CULT: have U liked the dialogue with the bloggers? Yes, I can see there is a mix of many things in it (Sidney, Tribu, Canal Plus...) What do U expect from our broadcast CULT?
To learn something... Cult is like Culture: to arise interest in people without getting it boring How would U decline CULT? For me, it is only trance
Your latest album?
I'm lucky to have worked with the same man for 23 years, my alter ego, a futurist and a craftsman, a rebel who still has something to say with a punk twist.
Are U still a rebel?
I kept the same intensity, the same "anger for living" (ndt: he said: "Fureur de vivre", reference to the title of a famous movie with James Dean, Rebel without a Cause)
The best weapon against injustice?
L'impasse. Pierre Goldman said in between antisemitism and racism there is a dead end (ndt =impasse).
Where can we find U?
London, Milan, Berlin, Montreal, Cairo, Greece and Turkey. 1st April in Paris, Elysée Montmartre. These will be my concerts.

In the broadcast, there's some Rachid Taha's opinion on cinema as well: "Let's not give hope to future young directors: well, let's give them hope but films, guys, even digital ones, need a content. (...) Even the best moviemakers, like Kiarostami (ndt: Iranian director), the best director ever, are not diffused: it is a pain.But if you have something to say, OK. (...) Yes, I made my latest clip with a super 8 camera on my own."


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