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Sunday, September 26, 2004


art.1.Validity: this disclaimer is valid for the tahafanblog owned by kelma (mentioned here as "the blog management") . Any writer or contributor will be mentioned here as "the bloggers".

art.2.Your copyright: this blog is a fansite that, as many other fansites, might include visual and written material coming from other public websites. Even if we tried to avoid it by asking - in a majority of cases - your permission, it might happen that you found material of yours protected by copyright in our blog. In this case, please consider that if this happened, it is not due to a lack of fairplay, but more probably to some kind of distraction, or urgency. In any case, it means your material was selected by Rachid Taha fans as a valuable they wanted to make accessible (as a collectible or as a piece of news) for other Rachid Taha fans. Please consider that your material, if copied and pasted in our blog, has appeared - at least we try every time we can - with the mention of its source. Consider then that it also is physically impossible to get permission from all collectible sources. Generally webmasters, writers and photographers understand that. However, if you should not agree, use the contact email address (below) so that your material can be captioned or withdrawn immediately.
Rachid's fans want to thank you - all sources - for your understanding until now, because we received only one withdrawal request in almost 6 years of publishing.

art.3.The links: proposed were selected because useful for someone interested into Mr.Rachid Taha's music. Some links are mentioned because of some link exchange or for mandatory credit as well. To mention links in no way means the blog management or the bloggers receive money for those links, endorse them or associate the third parties mentioned in the blog, in particular Mr. Rachid Taha, with the contents of those links. Links can be withdrawn on request too.

art.4.Your image: if bloggers published an image that represents yourself and you do not want that picture to remain in the blog, please email the blog management so that it can be withdrawn.

art.5.Original lyrics: at the moment neither original lyrics nor translations are available in the blog.

art.6.Official news: our fansite in no way competes with the goals of the Official Rachid Taha site you are kindly asked to refer to for any official news, update or contact (also see the Facebook page associated with that site). Note that, even if you're going to find that mention around on Internet, there exists no official Rachid Taha fansite, and this one does not pretend to be one.

art.7. Rachid's private contact address: the blog is not the right place where to get Rachid's private address. To contact him, please contact his management the address of which can be found on the leaflets of his CD's. They will forward any mail to Mr.Taha. To write a comment on a post of this blog does not mean Mr.Taha will read them either, as this blog is not managed by Mr.Taha or anyone of his staff, so he won't read your comments before these are moderated by the blog management.

art.8.Our copyleft:

1.our exclusive pics (the ones with "tahafanblog" mentioned on them) and texts (signed by fans and contributors) are material made up in exclusivity for the tahafanblog and are under this following Creative Commons License (click).
2.This license is not valid for Mrs Yvonne Mitton's reviews, who wants to be contacted for copies of her own work. To contact her, contact the blog management please.

art.9.Download of images: some images were published in the blog - or in its photo galleries hosted at - with some specific mention like "copyright XXX" or "all rights reserved". In these cases, you are not allowed to download those pictures without their author's permission. In no way will the blog management be responsible for the fact someone has copied those materials in their sites or used them in a wrong way as far as the mention of a regular copyright accompanied their publication on agreement with their authors.

art.10 Videos. In the tahafanblog some videoclips are played that all come from public access sources like Myspace, Daily Motion or You Tube from which it is possible to get codes to play those clips on your site fo free. If you want the blog management to remove those clips, the link to that clip will be removed immediately on request.

art.11. The bloggers in no way want to be associated with the contents of the songs/video's/pictures or articles mentioned/quoted/inserted in this blog for information or illustration, of which they are not the authors: i.e to mention, insert or quote an article or a song or a video, to publish a picture does not mean the blogger endorses the contents of that material at all, unless that material was made up by the blogger himself .
Moreover every blogger absolutely is independent and in no way is responsible for the material published by another blogger. Same for the blog management that is responsible for the material made up by "kelma" only, but can be contacted to remove material published by other bloggers within this blog on request (see above).
With this article, the blog management insists on the fact that the contents of this blog is thus purely journalistic, independent and absolutely apolitical. It's a fan site, and it's for fun!

art.12 If you have any quick news to communicate to Rachid's fans, like concert dates, please use the shout box in the right column of the blog. Thanks!

May, 2d, 2010, last update.

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Raoul said...

Je tenais à vous communiquer une date de concert

Mardi 17 juillet : Rachid TAHA
Salon de Provence - Concert à 21h00, au Château de l'Emperi Tarif unique : 10 €
avec Mona Lisa et Klan D en 1ère partie
Renseignements 04 90 56 00 82
Billetteries extérieures : -

diane said...

j'ai entendu parler de BARBES CAFE un concert où se produirait, entre autres, rachid taha. Celui ci aura lieu en mars 2012, à TRAPPES(78), salle de la MERISE. ça vous dit quelque chose?.