Fans of Rachid Taha? This blog is YOUR multilingual community crossroad to share pictures, concerts reviews, news, interviews, links, articles! Fans de Rachid Taha? Ce blog est VOTRE carrefour communautaire plurilingue où partager photos, reportages sur ses concerts, infos, interviews, liens, articles! Esto blog es VUESTRA comunidad multilingue donde reunir fotos, reportajes de sus conciertos, noticias, entrevistas, links, articulos! THE TAHAFANBLOG WITH YOU FROM 2004!!!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


A.What's this blog for?
I thought of what fans generally like about their favorite artist and in particular about Taha: reports on his concerts and pictures of him, and the like! This is NOT possible on forums or regular sites, I admitted. This is why, I too a fan of Rachid Taha, I opted for a blog!
Another difficulty about Taha is that he is a global algero-french artist who has a typically multilingual audience with some fans understanding french only, other ones communicating in english only. A blog was a nice way to propose material in more languages, I thought, as translations could be provided of the material published for multilingual access.
B.Can YOU yourself. a fan, write or publish?
Sure you can! This is your blog!
YOu can share with us all that you find or have: links,a rticles, interviews, pictures, updates!...
There 4 ways to do this: don't know anything about publishing... : e-mail me your material and I'll publish it w/ your signature! You'll see your stuff on Internet: it's like magic!
You can send me links to articles, interviews or pictures you found on the Net too in order to share all that with others. If the material is interesting, we can eventually translate it because now we are able to traslate into french, english and spanish. know something about publishing or you have contributed a lot to this blog: why not becoming a member of the blog and so, a permanent contributor, member of the permanent fan staff, like david or marie.
3.comment the posts by clicking on the comment link under each post!
You can also comment the posts.
You can do that anonymously, which just means you don't "have" to sign in, but that you can still add your signature (of course!). You can sign in to Blogger too: in this case, you will be proposed to have your own blog which -again- you don't "have" to do. You can go back to the post to comment instead, but you will have your profile page in Blogger. Sounds difficult? Nooo, you'll get used to blogs as to other things...
4.use the tagboard for fast news for everybody!
C. What's the blog is the blog contact address?
Contact me to submit your material or candidature.
For a first contact, send me a mail to present your project without any attached file.

D.Don't be shy!


callistre said...


LOVE your blog of Rachid! I would like to know if I can link you to my site? Just let me know... and thanks!


Anonymous said...

yes sure link to my blog with pleasure!!!