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Friday, April 18, 2008

Rachid, WE LOVE YOU!, in London (Jazz Café, April 14th) 1

Hello again from rainy Spain!.As you know Rachid and his band were playing in London at Jazz Cafe on April 14th and 15th. Two concerts, two parties and a lot of surprises.
Guillaume, Stefan and Banet didn't played with Rachid in UK. Instead of them there were playing friends of Rachid like Rodolphe Burger at the guitar and two musicians more at the bass and drums (excuse me, I don't know their names, sorry). Ups! thanks to a comment posted on this article now I know who was the guy playing the bass... he is "Leon de Bretagne", and he has worked with Rachid before. (Thank you Wheelz!)
As I said before there were a lot of surprises, first one was the absence of Guillaume, Stefan and Banet, and then the big number of musicians collaborating with the band those two nights.
I prefer you to watch the pics I've just published here, because it's difficult for me to describe the concerts in English...sorry.

But there's is one thing I have to tell you .... both nights we were lucky to see Rachid's son, Lyes, singing on stage!. There were a lot of people singing and playing with Rachid, and the songs were completely different those nights.
I enjoyed very, very much the concerts, the same as my friends "The Femmes du Chapeau", hello girls!. We travelled together from Spain and really had a good days in London, specially the days of the concerts.
And that's all, for the moment, I've published only the April 14th pics, but in three days I will publish the pics of the second concert. Tomorrow is the wedding of my sister!, and I`m very busy.
I would like to greet Yvonne & Barry, and Jenny and her friends, it was very nice to see you again!
You can already read about the second concert here in the blog! Thank you Yvonne!
A big hug for all of you. I'll be back here soon with more pictures and some videos.


Wheelz said...

Bass guy is Leon de Bretagne ,sesh guy.Worked with Rachid before..Nice review..

David said...

Thank you wheelz!, I've made the correction

Wheelz said...

No worries.Cracking gig and lovely venue,go again i feel..Bests W.