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Friday, October 06, 2006

Portet sur Garonne pics FOUR

Last pics of the Festival de la Méditerranée concert: black and white and this time by aran (gracias!!) !!!
Go to the text and the first part of our other pictures related to this concert here, to the second part... here and to part three... hem... there!
Dernières photos du concert de Rachid au Festival de la Méditerranée: en noir et blanc et cette fois par aran -superbes clichés - que nous remercions!!!!
Allez au texte et à la première partie des photos de ce concert ici, ainsi qu'à la seconde partie là!!! Troisième partie enfin à ce lien.

Rachid Taha in Portet sur Garonne, Sept.24, 2006, 19

Rachid Taha in Portet sur Garonne, Sept.24, 2006, 20

Rachid Taha in Portet sur Garonne, Sept.24, 2006, 21

Rachid Taha in Portet sur Garonne, Sept.24, 2006, 22

Rachid Taha in Portet sur Garonne, Sept.24, 2006, 23

All pics by aran.

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delmo said...

hallo kelma, after several weeks of a desperate search for rachid taha's lyrics online i found this blog of yours... i wonder if u can help me: at the moment i'm writing a thesis on political music of algerian emigrants in france, mostly focused on rachid taha. i have no chance to get his albums in my country (slovakia) and for the time being i have no money to buy his albums with booklets anyway... complete lyrics r the only thing i need to be sure about the meanings of his songs - i study arabic, but i'm used to egyptian dialect and standard arabic, so it's hard for me to fully understand his songs just from singing. i'd be glad glad glad if u could help me in some way. thank u and have a nice day :) - and just post a comment, i'll contact u (this email stuff somehow doesn't work ...)