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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Photos and report concert Armentières!

Armentières, 4th Nov.2005
"Good concert - great energy as usual.
Special congratulations to Hakim who sang "yamess" and another algerian song. I can assert that he can sing as well as he plays the mandoluth : marvellously!!!
Rachid has also invited two men of the public to go on the stage and sing with him. One of them has sung a part of "habina" and Rachid congratulated him for his performance.
After the concert, Rachid was very nice with his fans. They were allowed to go backstage and he signed a lot of autographs.
Thanks once more rachid, and also you, the musicians! for the happy hours we spent last friday evening!"

R.Taha Armentières2 4 nov05

R.Taha Armentières3 4 nov05

R.Taha Armentières1 4 nov05

R.Taha Armentières4 4 nov05

Marie, thanks!!! Rachid was wearing the colours of Brazil, as the night before at the concert of St Herblain, but inverted Hmm , wasn't he?

Merci marie! Rachid portait les couleurs du Brésil comme il me semble la nuit précédente à Saint Herblain, mais inversées Hmm , non???

Brazil kelma

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