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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Legendary Clash guitarist Mick Jones with Rachid on stage for the Stop the war concert!

& Special guest
Bring The Troops Home
SUNDAY 27 NOVEMBER:THE ASTORIA: Charing Cross RoadDoors open: 7 PM Tickets: £20, from
See Tickets: 0870 0603 777, Stargreen 020 7734 8932, Ticketweb 0870 0600 100, Firstcall 0870 906 3838
Ticketline 0161 832 111
or from:,,,,,
or without extra charge with cash at Astoria or Jazz Cafe (Camden Town)

Rachid Taha is a new phenomenon in Arabic music. With his band, he brilliantly marries the driving rhythms and elaborate melodies of contemporary Arabic popular music with the forceful sound of post-punk guitar rock, creating what The Times described as 'a dirty, raucous, greasy rock n' roll'. The raw sweat of his music and a well-known stance against racism and hypocrisy have earned him a high standing throughout Europe and the Middle East.
Brian Eno, opponent of the invasion of Iraq and long-time supporter of Stop the War Coalition, is making a guest appearance with Rachid Taha. He worked with Rachid on his album Tékitoi and has performed with him in Paris, St Petersburg and Moscow. In an interview for the South Bank show, he said: "Rachid's music is intrinsically political and topical, and very much the music of the Arab Street. I think he himself is a person who feels his role is to make both a cultural and political statement: he doesn't separate the two things"
Nitin Sawhney world-class producer, songwriter, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, composer and cultural pioneer. Creatively active in the worlds of music, dance, theatre and film. Nitin has scored over 25 films and Clubland saw his return in 2004 with the release of All Mixed Up and Fabric Live. He has sold out the Royal Festival Hall, the Royal Albert Hall, and with a major DJ performance, the Lincoln Center in New York.
Mick Jones needs no introduction as guitarist and vocalist of the legendary Clash. Now fronting his own band Carbon Silicon, Mick also produced bands such as The Libertines and the first album for Pete Doherty's Babyshambles.
Imogen Heap has been growing on the radar of indie, rock, pop and electronica fans alike. It may have something to do with her immaculate production, but it most likely rests in the pale, haunting pallor of her voice. The 2005 release of Speak For Yourself, sees Heap burgeoning with flavour and inspiration. What brings Imogen Heap her well-deserved acclaim is an uncompromising style and a unique understanding of sound.
Eclectic Method As the original pioneers of DVD DJ-ing, Eclectic Method have a unique take on mixing music video DVDs and film snips. Take a healthy dollop of post-modern irony, a Britney sample here, a rock riff there, an electronic dance anthem or two and you’ve got an all encompassing audio visual experience.
Stop the War Coalition is the main organised opposition to the Government’s war policies; capable of putting hundreds of thousands of people onto the streets and represented in most cities and towns across the country. At a time when opposition to the war is stronger than ever and when, according to a Ministry of Defence inspired poll, more than 80% of Iraqis have been reported as opposed to the presence of ‘Coalition’ troops there is a greater need than ever for the anti-war movement and its work.
We are supporting Rose Gentle and other military families who are seeking an independent inquiry into the legality of the war and who have been refused legal aid. They need thousands of pounds to be able to continue their action which will force Tony Blair and his cohorts into the witness box.
We are organising an international peace conference in December with delegates from Iraq, the USA and Europe. This will be the first time that major figures from the anti-occupation movement in Iraq will have been able to debate their case in this country and do so in the company of people from the peace movement drawn from the countries of the ‘coalition’ occupying forces. We will be organising new demonstrations in the New Year to pile pressure on the government with our demand for withdrawal of British troops.
“Do we want to continue to be proud little partners of a bunch of medieval rednecks or are we going to choose to do something about it.?” Brian Eno, The Independent, 1 November 2005

Further info:
Stop the War Press 07951 579 064

(news with courtesy of R.Stein)

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