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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Blogcritics prize! Best Songs of 2004 [Biased in favor of the electronica genre].Tekitoi is number 11th... It seems the critics preferred his older stuff (that's what is written... maybe due to the fact Tekitoi is less... electro?)!
Read below:
Le prix de la meilleure chanson de (en faveur de la musique électronique) a été décerné. Tékitoi est numéro 11: on dirait que les critiques ont préféré les trucs plus anciens de Rachid (c'est ce qui est écrit... ben oui vu Tekitoi est peutêtre plus rock qu'électro...) !
Lisez ci-dessous:

1. Crystal Method ft Lisa [Bellrays] - "Realizer" [The standout track from an outstanding album, Legion of Boom. "Keep-ing Hope Alive", circa 2004, are the boys from L.A.]
Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out" (Naum Gabo mix, Johnnie Wilkes) [Catchy, unpretentious ROCK]
The Prodigy with Juliette Lewis [yes, the weird actress]- "Spitfire" [The only decent track on their long-awaited release, Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned. Arabia, here comes electro].
The Chemical Brothers ft Q-Tip - "Galvanize" [The Last Emperors of Electronica, still pushing the boundaries of creativity after all these years. Seems like everybody's doing the Arab thing this year.]
Moby and Public Enemy - "MKLVFKWR" [The lesser I say about the lyrics, the better. A great oriental-sounding riff saves the song, and propels it into my top 25.]
Freestylers - "Get a Life" [Breakbeat Era (the band) revisited. ]
Junior Jack - "Stupidisco" ['House Anthem' seems to be his middle name these days]
Lemon Jelly - "Stay With You" [Some of the most melodious scratching I have ever heard on a record, suspiciously similar to a sample on KMFDM's "Megalomaniac"]
Latinsizer [a member of the Nortec Collective, yes!] - "Ritmo 55" [Can the Tijuana DJs commit no wrong?]
Kasabian - "Processed Beats" [An awesome single from an album that does have its lows. Flashback to Primal Scream's heyday]
Rachid Taha - "Tekitoi" [Rachid Taha is back to his punk roots, but this is punk with a distinct Arab flavor. Must say, his older stuff is better.]

Rachid at Gateshead

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